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When it comes to learning how to protect yourself, Krav Maga should be your first line of defense. Krav Maga was designed for the Israel Defense Forces and was created by Imi Lichtenfeld as a way of defending Jewish communities in the 1930s. Krav Maga incorporates a variety of martial arts, including boxing, jiu jitsu, and judo. It aims to teach students how to defend themselves in a manner that is highly effective, easy to practice, and quick. Krav Maga moves the focus away from fancy techniques and complex combinations. Instead, it emphasizes natural movements that can be carried out in stressful and fast-paced situations. The moves we will teach you at American Top Team West Pines can be easily applied to a variety of potential circumstances and settings. Furthermore, Krav Maga focuses on targeting sensitive spots on an attacker’s body, like soft tissue. The moves taught in Krav Maga coordinate with one another so that no technique will ever conflict with another. At American Top Team West Pines, we’re not about the bells and whistles. Our lessons don’t aim to provide you with impressive punches and kicks – we’re here to provide you with tools that could one day save your life.



American Top Team West Pines Krav Maga


We get it – the idea of being attacked doesn’t exactly make you feel confident. If anything, it probably makes you feel incredibly intimidated and fearful. At American Top Team West Pines, we aren’t trying to make you fear these potential situations less scary. Instead, we’re equipping you with the experience and knowledge to take back control in a potential attack or altercation. We believe that having confidence in your abilities and your skills is essential to accomplishing this unique sense of confidence. Often, when individuals are put into a threatening situation, they lack the training and wisdom to know how to react or what to do next. Instead, they shut down. American Top Team West Pines can’t let that happen.

We believe that experience and confidence go hand in hand. As you gain greater experience and a deeper understanding of how to defend yourself using the techniques of Krav Maga, you will feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself. Not only could this confidence help you escape a dangerous situation, but you will see it play into your day-to-day life. When you know that you can protect yourself from an attacker or get out of an unsafe situation, the way you carry yourself will change completely. From increased independence to higher assertiveness and courage, the benefits of Krav Maga span every corner of life.


American Top Team West Pines Krav Maga


Many people avoid learning self-defense due to intimidation or anxiety. At American Top Team West Pines, we want to put all your fears to rest. American Top Team West Pines is home to a one-of-a-kind community of dedicated instructors and welcoming students. We warmly embrace students of all backgrounds and experience levels and enforce a judgment-free zone. American Top Team West Pines believes that Krav Maga teaches skills every single person should have under their belt, and we are eager to add YOU to our community. Join us today.

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